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Dave 1, Ronny J, Falcons & A-Trak produced new english song Ride For Me. free download full song Ride For Me 2018, listen online Ride For Me Song.

A-Trak has a long-established popularity for spotting talent early. His first studio classes with younger Thug date back to 2013, when a pre-rich Gang Thugger best had a handful of tracks on YouTube. over the years they accrued a stack of songs, and advanced a real friendship, too. in the end geared up to start revealing this material, A-Trak chose “ride For Me” for its jaw-losing (and probably jaw-breaking) vocal overall performance. You’ve in no way heard young Thug like this. His voice is elastic, self-distorted, at instances barely human or intelligible, and at different instances familiar and bouncy.

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Ride For Me Lyrics

[Intro: Young Thug]
Ayy, ayy, ayy
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, woo!
Oh, oh, oh, oh
A-Trak, woo!
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Thugger, woo!
Baby, woo, woo

[Chorus: Young Thug & 24hrs]
Tell me you gon’ ride for me (skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, ride)
Tell me you gon’ die for me (you gon’ die)
Tell me you gon’ die by what you live for (live for)
Tell me you gon’ ride for me (tell me you gon’ ride for me, ride)
Tell me you gon’ fire on a bitch, baby
These niggas fake like a display, nigga (yeah)
Catch a murder case, then skip states with him
Bet, bet, nigga leakin’ on his sheets (pow, pow)

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
That’s the shit I get when I get (when I get that)
Buy a bag and smoke it like a zip (like a zip)
Tell me where’s the logic in [?]
Bustin’ a bazooka, turn your noodle to chalupa

Livin’ like a dork, fuck a geek
You don’t gotta work no more (work no more)
You can go get everything you see (everything about that)
I was just was chillin’ with your bitch
And I went on and cut the chase and told her, “Suck a nigga’s dick or somethin'” (SANDOS)
I was 17 and I was gettin’ it like a fuckin’ ball player
Then I took care all my kids for somethin’ (big [?] shit)
Big player, I’ma pop into the end zone (yeah)
Good lookin’, she gon’ chew it like some bubblegum
I’ma spend a lot of money ’cause it’s more to come (money)
I was havin’ zero dollars, now a nigga on (yeah, yeah)

Tell you when I get back (tell you when I get back)
Tell me when I cash out (hah)
Tell me why you ran from my mama
Yeah yeah, you know I ain’t scared of that (you know I ain’t scared of that)
These bitches know a nigga ballin’ (ballin’)
And you know we playin’ with these bands (playin’ with them bands)
Spyder shit, the Bentley crawlin’ (ah, ah, ah)
My lil’ nigga dead on a Xan (dead on them Xan)
Big dawg shit off the rip
Big bag make a nigga limp (blat)
Put five bands on your lip (blat, blat, blat)
You better nip it in the bud like a chip (nip it in the bud)

Little red robbin’ nigga, do it (do it)
Little red ridin’ in the hood nigga (hood)
Pablo got me chokin’ on that good (good)
And you can’t do it better than he could (could)
Fuck Donald Trump, leave him ditch slumped
Trap boomin’ like I’m ISIS nigga, big bomb
Whole lotta shit, that’s what your bitch need, no
Whole lotta dick is what your bitch get though (yah)
Whole lotta money got these bitches changin’ minds
Whole lotta money got them wanna stay around (swear)
Way too much money, quick, get that shit down (bitch)
Bitch, don’t you trip, don’t you make a fuckin’ sound

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